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HBCU Apparel

We are committed to building upon the LEGACY™ of our schools while sharing the HISTORY of our ancestors in pursuit of becoming the PRIDE of our culture

Historically Black Colleges and Universities have played and continue to play a critical role in making and breaking American history. They are continuing to create a legacy for African Americans and students of all backgrounds and races to have and receive the quality education every American deserves. HBCU apparel is our homage, our thanks, and our celebration to our schools as well as our ancestors. We give tribute to the immense cultural diversity, and massive impact HBCUs Alumni have on this country through the innovative melding of the legacy, the history, and the pride capture in our HBCU clothing line.

Our legacy began in New York in the late 1960s from a fresh immigrant with deep roots from Manzanilla in Trinidad and Tobago and the American dream. What started as an ordinary shoe store became a revolutionary sneaker store that accomplished the first Black Owned Nike account and blazed a trail for representation in footwear and fashion. That became the blueprint for the HBCU apparel's legacy.

Black history should be a subject of rejoicing and pride. HBCU apparel encapsulates the richness of old-school streetwear, Alumni dignity, and the continuing evolution of history. HBCU clothing is constantly evolving, as apparel has always been part of our culture. The apparel we make throws it back to our ancestors' legacy and the upcoming history we are all about to create for ourselves and our future generations.

HBCU clothing isn't just a statement. It's a testament, a vibrant ideal, and an expression of respect as well as hope. So, find a crew, a hoodie, a jacket, shirts and dresses, sweatpants, and more to represent the three pillars of the culture while giving back to the colleges that shaped you. LHP is honored to work in partnership with organizations like the Atlanta HBCU Alliance to form the Give Back Initiative to further bolster attendance to HBCUs through proceeds generated by every sale every day of the year. When you rep your alma mater with our newest drops, a portion of the proceeds benefits colleges or universities through our licensing agreements.

The cultural ideas of generations continue to shape the visionary, creative, ground-breaking HBCU apparel that we are pleased to offer to our customers-our family.