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Dillard University was the product of two excellent schools combining into one larger effort to serve New Orleans' African American community. Straight College and New Orleans University (previously named Straight University and Union Normal School) were each established in 1869. As the population and desire for higher education increased, Black leaders decided to merge the two into Dillard University years later. This institution, named after James Hardy Dillard, aimed to offer a traditional liberal arts curriculum to a predominately African American student body. Dillard opened its doors in 1935 and has been evolving and growing in number ever since.

Despite challenges of racial tensions in Louisiana during the 20th century, the destruction of Hurricane Katrina in 2005, and other setbacks that many HBCUs face, Dillard's leaders have continuously pushed beyond blockades and made this institution the renowned choice of many African American and Black students today. If you're a current member of the Dillard Bleu Devils, alumni, or prospective student, our officially licensed Dillard University apparel will get you even more excited to rep the royal blue and white. With every purchase made with us in this collection, a portion of the proceeds is given back to Dillard University.

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