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Hottest Back to School Fashion for Spring

 Soon enough, snowbanks will melt, the ice will thaw, and spring will be in full bloom. Every season brings a new trend and a new style in fashion. Whether you've no idea what you need for back-to-school fashion for the spring, or are already on top of the game but need new ideas for a fresh fit, here's the hottest to look forward to adding to your wardrobe in spring 2022.

Bold and Bright

Bold and brave bright colors have moved back into the limelight and appear here to stay this year. Eclectic colors and even more unique prints will be the go-to to add to everyday wardrobe; as consumers and fashionistas, the world embraces what makes us feel good from the inside and out.


Not a fan of the bold and bright? Not to worry, the low-key approach with soft and muted colors and ultra-luxe-looking cuts are rising. Consider low-key staples with exciting twists like longline tees that look airy and flowy, understated trench coats with silky slacks, or a coordinated set with a longline shirt featuring quirky buttons.


Not to be mistaken with the "party shoe" from the 70s, platforms are making a comeback with sleeker, more stunning modern designs. Many of us during the pandemic have returned to styles and footwear, like these chunky, stompy footwear, that is more comfortable to wear. Designers are now looking at and releasing platform shoes for every level of elevation and task.


Given all the fashion options in the world, designers are still drawn back to the classic and safety of the school uniform. While these traditional pieces and combinations can instantly be associated with what some of us may have worn to school, the way in which designers are styling them is more rebellious than ever. Think thick V-neck knits, pleated skirts, socks, loafers, and plain white shirts but with more of grunge and scruff take, or taking the sporty looks for track-and-field with a simple, timeless black and white 60s like infusion.

These are just a few of the hottest back-to-school fashions for this spring trends we know are going to blow up this year, so make sure you've got your fits on trend this season.