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Home LEGACY - Find Your School T - Z Tuskegee
Home LEGACY - Find Your School T - Z Tuskegee

Only the best and brightest students go to Tuskegee University! It's the school that George Washington Carver once called his home, and it produced the famous Tuskegee Airmen who fought in World War II. Tuskegee produces the country's largest number of general officers in the military, African-American aerospace science engineers, and Ph.D. holders in material sciences and engineering. Show your Golden Tiger pride in any of our authentic and official Tuskegee University apparel, including our crews, shorts, hoodies, and varsity jackets.

You might notice that our TU clothes have a style all their own, one that blends together old-school style and modern-day fashion. We did this on purpose. We want our clothes to pay tribute to those who came before us while also paving the way for our descendants to follow in our footsteps. This mindset is especially evident in our Tuskegee University "PRIMETIME" Crew, "Crispy Cream" Shorts, "BIGGIE" Hoodie, and "Motto 2.0" Varsity Jacket.

Our crews are some of the comfiest sweatshirts around, not to mention the dopest. They make great gifts for the TU alumni and students in your life. If you really want to flex, though, you have to check out our varsity jacket. With a wool torso decked out in vivid crimson and gold designs, and white, leather sleeves featuring Tuskegee's official logo and mascot, you'll turn all the heads on campus and get all the compliments at the next college football game you attend.

One of the best parts about buying from us is that every purchase you make sends proceeds back to the HBCU that influenced you, thanks to our official licensing agreements. Those agreements are also why we're able to provide you with Tuskegee University apparel that features the authentic "TU" logo in the school's official colors, maroon, and gold. Buying and wearing clothes from us doesn't just allow you to bring awareness to the amazing things that HBCUs around the country do--it also allows you to directly take part in those schools' missions by offering your financial support.

Got any questions? Reach out to us and we'll be happy to help.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Do you have to be Black to go to Tuskegee University?

A: While Tuskegee University is one of the best HBCUs in the country, no, you do not have to be Black to attend. 89% of the school’s students self-identify as Black.

Q: What is Tuskegee University known for?

A: Tuskegee University produces the largest number of military general officers, African-American aerospace science engineers, and Ph.D. holders in material sciences and engineering in the ENTIRE United States! It also produced the famous Tuskegee Airmen, who fought in World War II. If all of that wasn’t enough, George Washington Carver also called the university his home.

Q: What is the GPA requirement for Tuskegee University?

A: Academic excellence is one of Tuskegee University’s top priorities! That’s why the preferred GPA of incoming first-year students is 3.0, unweighted. Transfer students can have a 2.5 cumulative GPA.

Tuskegee Tiger PrimeTime Crew
Tuskegee Tiger PrimeTime Crew
Tuskegee University Shorts - Crispy Cream

LHP Camo T-Shirt


LHP Camo Mesh Shorts - Illustrious





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LHP Fleece Pants All It Takes Is One

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HBCU Urkel Zip Hoodie

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HBCU Urkel Fleece Pants

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Gift Card
Gift Card
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Iconic LHP Knit Hat
Iconic LHP Knit Hat
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