Mr. Legacy: All It Takes Is One Scholarship

Feb 14, '212 comments

HBCU FAMILY!  It is a HUGE honor and blessing to announce my first Mr. Legacy: All It Takes Is One scholarship. This month, I will be providing $10,000 worth of scholarships for current undergraduate HBCU students.  My sister, Tayler Murray is a current educator in Atlanta and she graduated from...

How Leaving Home at 16 Changed Her Life Forever

Nov 25, '208 comments

I was the first in my family to attend college and at the age of 16 I left home to attend North Carolina Central University.  I don’t think that I chose an HBCU - it chose me.

Call to Action: ROOT FOR HBCUs

Nov 5, '204 comments

When it comes to HBCUs we are separated by a mere six degrees.  It could be in your hometown, your homecoming experience, your Mama, Daddy, Uncle or Auntie’s school.  It should never matter, to see an HBCU thrive and grow is to see the culture thrive and grow.

NCAT's Arial Robison Reminds Us That Black Women... DO. IT. ALL.

Oct 23, '202 comments

Arial Robinson is a Multimedia Journalism student at the one and only North Carolina A&T State University. She is a mixed media artist and Author of The Modern Day Black Alphabet that is available on her website- arialrobinson

People Name Their Kids...I Name My Clothes

Oct 21, '20

A few months ago, we named this item the “PrimeTime” as we felt this particular item was symbolic to who and how Deion Sanders carried himself on and off the field. A few months later, we learned that Primetime took the position as Head Coach for Jackson State University Football team. 


Oct 17, '204 comments

We will always announce on our social media pages about the exact days we are releasing products. On the day of releases, we will post the product that is being dropped on its initial release day. Sometimes we post a few days beforehand but we will be sure to always make sure the product is posted on our Instagram Story (@ShopLHP) and Twitter page (@ShopLHP) allowing our customers to be tuned of what is the latest from LegacyHistoryPride. 

Real Recognizes Real: A Moment with Alex Williams

Oct 11, '20

Mr. Legacy: During the times we are in, it can be difficult for people to have access to a gym to continue living healthy lifestyles. What are ways you have been able to continue to help people achieve their fitness goals for those of your clients who you cannot meet with in person? 

Igniting Change with my Bison Family

Oct 8, '20

CommunityX is a coalition-building platform that connects like-minded activists from local and global communities around the issues they care about most.CommunityX is also currently working with the NBA’s player association to help raise awareness of voting and voter registration.