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Overall, rugby shirts have become a popular choice for streetwear and casual fashion due to their versatility and timeless style. Whether dressed up or down, these shirts are a great addition to any wardrobe and can be styled in a variety of ways to suit different occasions and personal preferences. 

With the signature white collar and oversized but structured fit, the LHP rugby shirt comes with a twist of having a rib-knit bottom.

No matter what season, our HBCU rugbys will be perfect to wear on their own or layered for cool evenings and mornings. But most importantly, they'll help you rep your HBCU with head-turning, one-of-a-kind style not found anywhere else. Everyone's going to want to know where to cop one of these college crewnecks featuring sharp, on-point colorways custom-designed by LHP.

Cutting-edge tailoring shapes these 100% Cotton HBCU rugbys. We choose nothing less than the industry's premium Cotton as it's an ultra-soft, ultra-comfortable material. We are meticulous in using the most modern chenille lettering, applique, and more. Our commitment to quality ensures that each design on our exclusive HBCU rugby is durable, vivid, and durable.

Show out at the next family BBQ, homecoming event, the next game, or simply taking a quick run to the store.  Our rugbys aren't just a fine fashion choice. Every time you purchase a licensed HBCU rugby, a portion of your proceeds gets donated toward that school for future generations.

At LHP, we celebrate with students, alumni, and family as we deeply believe in what HBCUs stand for. If you've been looking for college rugbys and HBCU apparel that is both exceptional and well made, look no further. Have some questions about our college crewnecks or any of our unique apparel? Feel free to reach out to us at any time. Click our 'shout' link to contact us via the website, or call us, Monday to Friday, 8 AM until 5 PM EST at 1-883-LHP-1999.


LOAT The Inkwell Rugby
LOAT The Inkwell Rugby
LOAT The Inkwell Rugby
LOAT The Inkwell Rugby $39.99$90.00
Rating: 4.0 out of 5.0