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Our PRIDE Collection is a testament from the School of Hard Knocks clothing line and the LHP Branded Collection.

When SOHK started in the early 1990s, the brand took off and engraved itself into the city's memories. We've taken that old school feel and given it our own twist. This collection of crewnecks, hoodies—and  throwback tees—were created to evoke the essence of Queens. Of all the merch School of Hard Knocks produced, the Queens 7 tee is a New York legend. When created the Queens 7 tee, was used to boost intercity pride in Queens. The shirt features the names of famous Queens residents on the back—like Nas and LL Cool J—, and even a few neighborhood mainstays. People loved it!  That sense of pride is why we wanted to pay homage to such a classic with our apparel. Our Queens 7 remake is available with Queens in a font that represents the culture.

Rep your set! If you're proud of School of Hard Knocks and the city it came from  or the one you live in now, our SOHK apparel  embodies PRIDE and is the perfect match for you.

The LHP Branded Collection embodies everything about the CULTURE featuring our HBCU Made apparel which is synonymous and falls in line with our Company Mission:

We are committed to building upon the LEGACY of our Schools; sharing the HISTORY of our Ancestors and becoming the PRIDE of our Culture.