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Jackson State University

Jackson State University

It's one of the most prominent HBCUs in the United States of America and the 4th largest university in Mississippi. JSU is the only University in Mississippi to earn 2 consecutive "Apple Distinguished School" from Apple Inc, as JSU has incorporated some of the most technologically advanced curricula. JSU is also the first and only HBCU in Mississippi to support a bachelor's and master's level engineering program while one of only two universities offering a comprehensive meteorology undergraduate level degree program. JSU also boasts the Tiger Battalion, the University's Army ROTC program, and the host program for 9 other Mississippi HBCUs.

Voracious, ground-breaking, and fierce. JSU's tiger mascot was a perfect choice. We are pleased to offer you our Jackson State University apparel for all the Tigers, die-hard Tiger fans, and proud Tiger families. Designed in-house for a one-of-a-kind JSU style you won't find anywhere else, with the utmost care toward exceptional fabrics, high-quality tailoring, and cutting edge applique, embroidery, and screen printing for the ultimate in durability and style. Ranging from XS to 4X, our Jackson State University apparel is unisex and runs true to size. To provide the softest feel, we chose to use superior 100% Cotton French Terry so that you'll always be comfortable.

Not only did we create these with the most timeless on-trend styles in mind, but as each garment is officially licensed, a portion of proceeds for each of your purchases will be donated back to JSU. Your newest addition to your wardrobe is an investment toward furthering education for this diverse, technologically advanced university.

Each piece in our Jackson State University apparel collection celebrates the long, challenging, yet rewarding journey of achievement. Whether you're a student, alumni, die-hard Tiger fan, or the delighted family of either—this is the essential collection to show off your connection to JSU in casual-chic style.

Questions about what we do or about this Jackson State University apparel collection? Reach out to us at any time. Give us a shout via the contact form on site, or feel free to call us, Monday to Friday, 8 AM until 5 PM EST at 1-833-LHP-1999.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Is Jackson State University an all black school?

A: No, Jackson State University is not an all Black school. A little over 92% of its full-time undergraduate students identify as Black or African American, though! According to the school’s website, part of the Jackson State University vision is to empower diverse students to become leaders.

Q: What GPA do you need to get into Jackson State University?

A: The bare minimum GPA needed to be accepted to Jackson State University is 2.0, but you also have to have a score of 18 or higher on the ACT. If you have a 2.5 GPA, you’ll be accepted if you’re in the top 50% of your class and score at least a 16 on the ACT. To be accepted based only on your GPA, your GPA needs to be at least 3.2.

Q: Is Jackson State a good school?

A: Yes, Jackson State University is a great school! In fact, it’s one of the most prominent HBCUs in the nation! Ranking as the fourth-largest university in the state of Mississippi, JSU is the ONLY university in the state to earn two “Apple Distinguished School” awards from Apple Inc. It’s known for its advanced technology and engineering programs.