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Home Clothing Accessories

The perfect accessory can pull an outfit together, like a hat, a face mask, or even a pair of socks. We have HBCU accessories like these in more so that you can decorate your car, laptop, or wallet with gear that showcases your HBCU pride!

The LHP Logo Beanie Hat is available in black, red, grey, white, navy blue, and dark green. Made out of a soft knit cotton blend, it's super soft and fits snugly on your head to make sure your ears stay warm when the cold winds start to blow. There's a stylish roll cuff on the bottom of the hat that features a signature LHP patch.

Face masks have never been a more important accessory than they are today, which is why we sell a black LHP Face Mask that's comfortable and features an adjustable strap. The masks are washable and therefore reusable, so consider stocking up on a few so that you don't accidentally run out!

You have a couple of different options when it comes to socks. You can wear a pair of Crispy Cream Crew Socks in an off-white color, or you can stick to a pair of traditional white Athletic Socks. The right pair of socks can elevate the style of an outfit, taking it to heights it wouldn't reach otherwise.

If there's someone in your life whose loyalty to HBCUs runs deep but you're not sure what size they wear or what style they like, the perfect gift is a LHP gift card. That way they can buy exactly what they want for themselves, which takes all the guesswork out of the equation for you!

If you want to rep your HBCU pride on your car, laptop, or refrigerator, you need a sticker from our School of Hard Knocks brand. It's technically a window decal, but it can go on anything!

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