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Awake NY x School of Hard Knocks

Originally from Manzanilla in Trinidad, Ortner "Von" Murray immigrated to the New York in the late '60s. In 1970, Von opened a cobble shop on Northern Boulevard in Corona, Queen after teaching himself how to fix shoes. He named the shop "Von's", his childhood nickname.  

Over the next decade, the show grew from repairing shoes to selling sneakers and clothing.  Von's son, Gerard, became interested in fashion and by the '90s, the father and son team launched School of Hark Knocks, a clothing brand based out of the Corona location.

The brand's t-shirts and hoodies became iconic emblazoned with the signature "SOHK" and "Queens7" tags.

The brand's popularity spread across New York's five boroughs, eventually achieving worldwide popularity and set the stage for many of today's brands.

Today, School of Hard Knocks is revived as part of the LegacyHistoryPride family run by Von's grandson, Tahir "Mr. Legacy" Murray.









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