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College Student Gives Back to HBCUs - "The Bond is UNBREAKABLE"

As a junior at Howard University, I have recognized the importance of our HBCUS, and I am dedicated to making sure that LegacyHistoryPride® (LHP) gives back. As a student, I have learned to understand that any gift of scholarship to an Historical Black Colleges and Universities (HBCU) student is the best kind of gift in the world.  We are doing our part to become our ancestors' wildest dreams, and it is up to the community to help as best they can to support our endeavors.

With every LegacyHistoryPride® sale, a portion of the proceeds benefits the specific college or university through our licensing agreements. Beyond that, LegacyHistoryPride® partners directly with the students and alumni of those institutions to develop collaborations toward the growth of scholarship opportunities.  

We take great pride in our partnerships. Moreover, they have allowed us to stay in touch with the HBCU community and give back to our colleges and universities. We have acquired partnerships with organizations, such as the Atlanta HBCU Alumni Alliance, which is a non-profit community-based organization that collaborates mainly to strengthen the community through impactful programs and events. They have exercised their service and event muscles to promote the meaning of staying active and connected in the HBCU community. 

For the past 12 years, the HBCU Alliance has hosted an annual HBCU 5k Walk/Run Race. This popular event planned by the Alliance has helped raise over $1.4 million through participants and sponsors. This is a 100% volunteer fundraiser, and 100% of the proceeds go towards Metro-Atlanta students who will be headed to an HBCU. LHP prides ourselves as being the official outfitter of the Atlanta HBCU Alumni Alliance member chapters. We are committed to the HBCU Giveback campaign, and we support any additional opportunities by creating custom apparel fundraising campaigns.

We are here to support the  mission of the Atlanta HBCU Alumni Alliance:  " to serve as an advocate for HBCU Alumni Associations by supporting the mission of HBCUs through scholarship fundraising, alumni reclamation, student recruitment, and the National HBCU Alumni Alliances by supporting and participating in programs that promote higher education, encourage healthy living, and fighting hunger.”

We are proud that LegacyHistoryPride®  will continue to join the Atlanta HBCU Alliance as they move toward the journey of building an “UNBREAKABLE” community that reflects the legacy of Historical Black Colleges and Universities.

LegacyHistoryPride®is here to show that our commitment to HBCUs is more than just selling apparel. We are here to lift up and support our HBCUs. 

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