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Is Hampton about to win the title as "THE REAL HU"?

Who is “The Real”?

On Thursday, October 1st at 6pm, we are dropping two exclusive items on our website for Howard University and Hampton University.

I know that there is talk about who is the “Real HU” so I wanted to see how serious people are about their school gear and school pride. And in the name of HBCU bragging rights, the first school to sellout in these exclusive items will be crowned as “The Real” until further notice.

Which school is THE REAL when it comes to school pride?

Is it "Home by the Sea" or "The Mecca" - We will find out soon!

Stay tuned as the HBCU Rivalry Season begins.

All in HBCU Love, 

Mr. Legacy


  • 3rd generation Pirate here! I graduated when Hampton was The Institute… all I know is there’s nothing real-er or more significant in my life than to be a Pirate! #HUHULove 💙♥️⚓️🦬♥️💙

    Dr Karla Booker on
  • Ummmm… y’all are trippin! Howard was founded before Hampton and most of the Divine 9 was founded at Howard! So…. HOWARD IS THE REAL HU!! PERIOD

    Brandii on
  • I’m so glad I went to Hampton !!!!

    Derek McKay on
  • HAMPTON 💙⚓️

    KB on
  • You mean the Institute? Nah, Howard is the Real HU!!

    Martell on
  • Howard, The Hilltop is the Real HU. No question.

    Kaitlin Ross on
  • HAMPTON🔥🔥🔥✊🏾✊🏾✊🏾

    Mr Harris on
  • It’s Hampton U. The Real HU

    Travis on
  • It’s Hampton U. The Real HU

    Travis on

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