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Good Gifts for an Incoming Freshman

Good Gifts for an Incoming Freshman

When someone in your life is starting the exciting journey of attending college, it is a momentous occasion worthy of celebration! Whether you are the parent of the student or a family friend looking to celebrate their new journey, here are a few good gifts for an incoming freshman.


When looking at good gifts for an incoming freshman, there is no denying technology is a great choice for today’s modern world. If you are looking for a big gift sure to make their life a little easier, there are some great choices such as a new laptop they can use for their studies or a new cell phone so they can stay in touch with family during the coming years. These are must-have items for any student so providing them as a thoughtful gift can help their budget last longer for the school year than buying these things for themselves. For less pricey yet still essential gifts on the side of technology, headphones for long study sessions are a good choice as well as wireless charging devices to keep them charged and ready to go with their favorite devices.

Healthy Living

Aside from the matters of technology for the freshman starting their journey, healthy lifestyle gifts are always a great choice. From the Freshman 15 to the fact they may be cooking for themselves for the first time, there are plenty of gifts you can give your new student. A great gift is a health tracker device they wear on their wrist that tracks steps taken in a day, heart rate, calories burned, and even sleep cycles. Another great healthy living gift is a gift basket of workout gear to make sure they stay healthy no matter how hectic their school schedule becomes. From cookbooks of healthy and easy meals to a toaster oven for their dorm in hopes they will eat something other than fast food for the next four years, there are plenty of healthy gifts to give.


School Spirit Items

When someone is starting their first year of college, it is a very exciting time in their life and one they are sure to remember forever. Make sure they have some gear and apparel to show off this special time in style! From basketball shorts to tees, giving them some school spirit gear like what we offer here at LegacyHistoryPride, is a great way to solidify their school spirit while giving a thoughtful gift. Best of all, they can wear it around campus and years from now as a proud graduate!