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HBCU Trivia Part 2

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You already answered 10 HBCU trivia questions earlier, but did you know there's even more history to know? We've got even more trivia to test your knowledge and help you learn a little bit more about some of the colleges, even some you may be considering attending!

What is the first black female Greek letter organization to be established?

Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Inc. was established at Howard University in 1908, becoming the first black female sorority.


What was the first state-funded HBCU for liberal arts?

North Carolina Central University was the nation's first state-funded HBCU dedicated to the liberal arts.


This college was opened for both men and women up until 1926 when it became a women's only college.

That's right, this is Bennett College! Despite starting out as a co-ed college, the rules changed in 1926 and since then it has only offered admission to women.


How many all women HBCUs are currently running?

This one may be surprising, but there are only two all-women HBCUs left – all of the others have gone co-ed and now allow men to attend as well. The two remaining ones are Bennett College and Spelman College.


How many HBCUs are there total?

Again, this one may also be surprising given the sheer amount of colleges and universities out there, but there are only 106 HBCUs currently running. Due to funding and attendance issues, some have had to shut their doors over the years, bringing that number down to what it is now.


How many medical schools are HBCUs?

There are four HBCUs that are medical schools, and they are spread out all over the country. Meharry Medical College in Tennessee, Morehouse School of Medicine in Georgia, Charles R. Drew School of Medicine and Science in California, and finally, Howard University School of Medicine in Washington DC. Out of those, Howard University is the top in graduating PhD students.


Has male or female enrollment been higher at HBCUs?

You go girls! Research shows women have been attending HBCUs at higher rates than men since 1976.


Which HBCU did Martin Luther King Jr. enroll and graduate from?

If you go to Morehouse College, you'll know that Martin Luther King Jr. is one of the many alumni from this school. Not only that, but he started attending at 15 years old and graduated in four years with his Sociology degree.


Guys, where and when was the first international fraternity established on an HBCU?

At Howard University in 1911, Omega Psi Phi Fraternity, Inc. was the first international fraternity established on an HBCU campus.


Which HBCU is only considered one by classification and not attendance?

This is a tricky one, in 1895 Blufield State College in West Virginia was established to provide education to the children of coal miners. However, as of 2013, 90% of the school's attendees were actually Caucasian, and the only reason it retains its HBCU status is because of legalities.


We hope you found this second round of HBCU trivia interesting, and that you learned something new!