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3rd Generation Entrepreneur - Black Legacy, History & Pride

By Carol Murray

Today, August 7th, would have been Ortner “Von” Murray’s 82nd birthday and instead on April 6th we lost him to COVID-19. However, as we continue to choose to celebrate the life of our family patriarch – I would like to take this time to introduce you to our family story as so eloquently written by my son, Tahir, a third-generation entrepreneur.

Every family has a story and the LHP CEO Tahir Murray, has chosen to share his story of  the family Legacy, History and Pride with you.  My father-in-law was known for many things and probably had many nicknames, but to our family he was our “Mufasa.” His roar in life followed him until his last breath.

VON MURRAY our Black King* (Thank You Beyonce’ for reminding the world) passed on his stories of triumphs and tribulations in life and business to his son, Gerard, who in turn has passed the torch to his son, Tahir.  As a wife and mother, it has been an amazing journey to watch and be a witness of. 

The cub, Tahir is no longer – when Von took his last breath another Black King crossed into his own rite of passage.

Read The LEGACY Story and know that LHP is not here to celebrate HBCUs for the moment.
As written in the Company Mission Statement:
We are committed to building upon the LEGACY of our Schools; sharing the HISTORY of our Ancestors and becoming the PRIDE of our Culture.


  • When I was only 5 years old and I saw that drawing being painted I loved it n I wanted the clothing I was 9 when I moved to Ecuador hard to stay with my American culture but I took one thing that made me feel at home n it was the school of hard knock sweaters n tshirts made me feel at home n I still miss it please reach back I have a new vision for school of hard knock the revolution for VoN let’s do it ROck’A’Shore RIP VON at least have my last memory of u when I was 15 and I came back n u was still here at 106 next to the sign shop I used to play in front n go in ur store n play aww I miss those boom box day water balloons and riding my bike n killling rats at that tire shop aww memories u made me NYC love u for that MR VON

    Melissa Cardona on
  • Congrats to u young KING. PEACE AND LOVE FROM LESVDUB ✌🏾🖤

    LES on

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