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My Howard experience has been nothing short of a JOURNEY. This journey has given me a multifaceted experience that has exposed me to more than I could ever imagine. While virtual classes are not ideal for my Senior year, it has allowed me an ample amount of time to reminisce on the homecomings, swag-surfs, and late night memories I’ve made with people I will never forget. 

Whenever you step on the Yard of an HBCU, you become a living witness of the beauty, richness, and uniqueness that is woven in the Legacy, History, and Pride rooted in Black colleges. While there are many dimensions of the HBCU umbrella, I have noticed that we all come together in our communities to continue the walk in the footsteps of so many who have fought for us to be here, while also creating a Legacy of our own. Whether you are the marketing major from LA or if you are on a pre-med track from Kingston, Jamaica, HBCU students are on a mission to shape and continue a Legacy. A Legacy for themselves. A Legacy for their school. A Legacy for their family. 

LegacyHistoryPride embodies HBCUs and Black culture; but, it also embodies the message of living in your purpose and being prideful in it… while looking and dressing fly, of course. Dressing fly in gear where the details in each piece represent YOUR LEGACY. Bold. Confident. Vibrant. Powerful beyond measure.

What is your Legacy? 

Peace & Blessings, 

Mr. Legacy 


Use the hashtag #mylegacyis so we can hear your story and share it with others. 

We want to use our platform to help you continue your Legacy, History and Pride. 

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  • I’m a first generation Indian product of the postcolonial Diaspora. I teach African American Studies at NC A&T SU. At the end of the day, my legacy is teaching my Black students survival and negotiation skills when dealing with whiteness in the real world. I try to get my students to understand that the white world is not built for them and that they must scratch out their own space in it. But that doesn’t mean they can’t thrive, be successful, and ultimately, good and balanced people. My legacy shows that a great form of resistance comes through practice and pragmatic education.

    Anjan Basu on

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