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A Note From Mr. Legacy: HBCU Strong

This platform was created in order for the voices to be heard. And this morning, I do have something to say. As a 21 year old college student, I am scared and worried about the direction this country is moving. However, a piece of me has hope. This culture has made it through slavery,  Jim Crow, Civil Rights, the Rodney King trial, Trayvon Martin, the LA riots, the Ferguson riots, and if I continued to name them all we would be here all year. I have brought up the past to show that no matter what, WE ARE STILL STANDING, and We will continue fighting for justice. 

It makes no sense for my parents to worry about me going to a grocery store down the street from my house. I longer have a desire to run in my own neighborhood anymore in light of the recent incidents in the very own state I live in. But what DOES make sense is that now more than ever, we have the resources, the networks, and platforms to speak up and make strides to bring change. We speak all day about whether or not violent protests are “better” than peaceful protests that are going on, but I hope everyone responds to these events with the INTENT and PURPOSE  behind their actions. SPEAK UP.  All it takes is one for thousands, if not millions to follow. 

I am hoping that everyone pays attention. As hard as it can be to listen, watch or pay attention to the news, it is important to take heed to what is going on in your community. Pay attention to the businesses you give money to. Let’s see how they respond, react, and engage with the world during times like these. The only way we can continue to progress as a culture is by sticking and supporting one another. They want to see us fall. They want to see us break. But we will not. That is not what we have ever done. We stand on the shoulders of perseverance, on pride, on prayer. To do anything less, is something that we will not start to do. Not at this moment of strife and struggle.

To my HBCU students and students of color around the world. STAND STRONG. HBCUs built us in a way that we can endure ANYTHING. STAY STRONG.

Peace and love, 

Mr. Legacy 



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