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Back to School Must-Haves

Now that summer is beginning to wind down, you may begin to start your back to school planning again. Whether you are moving into an apartment with some friends or back in the dorms for another year, there are certain back to school must-haves that need to go in your suitcase. The last thing you want is to start a year without these essentials.

These back to school must-haves will make your life easier as the semester starts.

A planner

You'll need this to keep track of your classes, any assignments due, and any events going on around campus that you'll want to attend.

Pens, pencils, and highlighters

Even if you had a stash from last year, it's probably gone. No one really knows where those things disappear to, but they certainly manage to vanish into thin air. Rather than be caught on the first day without a way to take notes, be prepared and stock up ahead of time.

Laundry supplies

That's right, another school year means you'll need more detergent, quarters, etc. Lugging your laundry back and forth from school to home is a huge hassle, so it's better to suck it up and get everything you need at the store to keep your clothes nice and clean. Don't forget the dryer sheets.

Plates and silverware

This is especially important to have if you are going back to school but moving into an apartment instead of a dorm. You likely will not have a meal plan, which means you will not only have to cook, but then you'll have to have a way to eat your meals too. Since the café won't provide you dishes, you'll have to get your own. Plastic plates and metal silverware are constantly on sale during this time of the year for this exact purpose, and are easy to transport to your new place.

Water pitcher

You'll want to save some money this year, especially if you're going to be commuting from your apartment, so make sure to pack an eco-friendly water bottle with your fresh purified water. A filtered water pitcher will ensure you always have fresh water to drink, as long as you remember to fill it up.

A sturdy backpack or bag for books

You might have worn out yours from last year, so treat yourself to a new one. Depending on how you prefer to carry everything, you may prefer more of a shoulder bag for one shoulder or you will prefer the traditional backpack style.
Rain jacket. You might have learned from last year that umbrellas are bulky and difficult to remember, but a rain jacket is fairly easy to remember to bring with you, and won't take up a ton of room. It also will protect you even when the rain is diagonal.

These are just a few back to school must-haves that you'll want to make sure to purchase or pack before heading back to campus or to your new off-campus apartment.


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