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Fun Ways to Decorate A Dorm Room

Your dorm room will be the place where you spend a large portion of your time during the year, so why not make it feel inviting? How you decorate your side of the room (or entire room if you're lucky!) is a reflection of you—your interests, values, passions, and aspirations can all be symbolized on your walls. If you're heading off to college this year, here are some fun ways to decorate your dorm room to perfectly reflect who you are.

Organizational Décor

It's important to note, especially before moving in, that your space is limited in dorm rooms. Because of this, you'll need to plan for smart organizational options that can double as decoration. If you're able, lofting your bed can add a generous amount of space to your room. If not, invest in bed risers, which simply fit beneath the posts of your bed to add to the space underneath. This way, you can add storage bins. Nowadays, bins come in an array of colors, so you can easily find ones that match the color scheme you have in mind. These will help prevent clutter and keep your space organized. A desk hutch will also help with keeping your books and materials in one place. Plus, they double as blank space to hang photos and special mementos from home.


Photos are an excellent way to bring home along with you to college and decorate your empty walls. Whether you've got pictures from significant events or trips with friends and family, these can quickly add life to those barren walls. Hang them with clothes pins on wire for a cute and stylish look or keep it simple with command strips or colored tapes.

Wall Art

Displaying wall art is an easy way to show off the things and people that you're interested in. From musicians and sports teams, to iconic figures or places, posters and framed prints can add a lot of personality to your dorm room. You can even collage different posters and prints together for a contrasted appeal.


Tapestries are a very convenient way to take up wall space with a cool image. They're easy to hang and, depending on the depicted image, can set the tone of the entire room. A bright scenic image, for example, may make the room feel much bigger than it is.

String Lights

This is a very budget-friendly décor option that will brighten your dorm and give character to the areas where they're hung. When strung around your desk and around photos as a pseudo-frame, string lights offer a new lighting option that is perfect for watching movies or Netflix at night.

Throw Rugs

Dorms don't usually have carpeted floors, so the tiling will often be cold underfoot. Add in a few throw rugs or a single larger one to make your dorm room feel more comfortable and homier. Depending on the color and pattern of your rug(s), they will enhance the overall decorations in your room.

These are just a few ways to decorate your dorm room with cost-efficient and smart options. All college dorm restrictions are different, so check yours before decorating your room.


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