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Money Saving Strategies For College Students At School

Everyone knows that college isn't cheap. Even if you worked hard and got scholarships, you likely are still living on a tight budget while attending school, which means you have to make the most of what the school offers to get your money's worth. Luckily, we have some money saving tips for college students to help you stretch those dollars.

Money saving tips for college students don't require missing out on different things, in fact, you'd be amazed what's free on a college campus.

Save on textbooks

This can be one of the biggest expenses that you may have to deal with while in school, and there are actually fairly simple ways to save. You can rent your books from a website that will send them to you, you can buy used from the bookstore or Amazon, and you can buy eBooks, as they are usually much cheaper than their hardback versions.

Use your free printing

Most schools include printing in their fees, and your card will be loaded with a certain amount of prints per semester. As long as you don't go over, there is never a need for you to purchase a printer, or the ink, which is usually more expensive.

Use your meal plan well

Depending on the school, your meal plan may be a set amount of money per day or include three meals plus snacks. No matter how it is, make sure you are fully taking advantage of it. If you have money each week for snacks, use it from your food plan and just stock up, odds are you will eat those items later on in the semester. Same with coffee and smoothies, if you can, make those purchases with your dining plan rather than cash. You've already paid for it at that point.

Don't get a meal plan

For many students, they find that after the first semester, they want to cook food themselves. If this is the case, don't bother with a meal plan at all. You won't get what you need from it, and can save money by purchasing food at the store and preparing it. Save even more money if you get your roommates to do this as well, you can take turns splitting groceries.

Get free food on campus

That's right, many clubs and different events will advertise free food as a way to get students to attend. You may find your new favorite school club, and you'll likely get a free lunch or dinner out of it. Just look for signs around campus, there may not be an event every day, but there is likely something once a week that you can get a free meal from.

Attend other free events

There always seems to be something going on on a college campus whether it is a free movie night of a film that hasn't come out yet or it's a carnival that's being held on the campus and featuring free entrance for students. No matter what, this is free entertainment compared to going out to the movies or bowling or anything else that isn't free admission. Not to mention, you get to know others who are in attendance.

Use your gym

The freshman 15 is real, and it's important to keep up with your health and fitness. Not to mention, you pay for this fancy gym in your tuition, so you may as well take advantage of the equipment and the free fitness classes. Plus, with everything on campus, you can easily squeeze a gym session in between your classes.

Check for student discounts

Whether you are shopping at the local mall or hitting up your favorite yogurt place, ask for student discounts. Many companies offer them, and while they won't be advertised, these can be great ways for you to save a bit of money on things you were already planning on buying.

Save money on books by using your library

They have more than just books for assignments, they have fun books too, so take advantage and spend an afternoon curled up with a good book rather than spending money.

Join an organization and volunteer

This is a great way to network and save money, as you'll be busy volunteering and won't be out spending your money.

Take advantage of campus buses

Odds are they go to different areas around the city rather than just the campus, which means you can get to stores and different areas without spending any money at all.

While it may require some effort, there are so many easy money saving tips for college students that will help to broaden your college experience and get you out there meeting new people. So take advantage of the free mixers, and get out there.


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