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NBA Star, Chris Paul, ignites the HBCU conversation without saying a word

NBA Superstar, Chris Paul, seen wearing LegacyHistoryPride Norfolk State University “Outkast” shorts. Throughout his NBA career, Chris has worn various HBCU gear in support of black higher learning. 

Fashion that embodies black culture and HBCUs PUSH the envelope. Since I was a kid, I was able to pick up early on the intersectionality of sports, fashion, entertainment, and music. Especially during the social climate that we are in now, celebrities have found ways to speak out on issues in the Black community that have constantly been swept under the rug. Fashion has been an outlet for several people on how they express themselves and of late, fashion has proven how it can open doors for conversation. After the murder of Eric Garner, players throughout the NBA wore shirts that said “I Can’t Breathe” on the court as they warmed up for games. That alone struck a worldwide conversation on the issues of police brutality. 

Whenever athletes wear HBCU gear, it is interesting to read the comments people make under the pictures. The comments lean toward countless conversations on the importance of HBCU culture and how sports can help change the narrative of our black colleges. "What if 5 star athletes came to HBCUs?", "More celebrities should speak up about HBCU communities", and several other "what if" comments in regard to black colleges begin to circulate in several chat rooms. 

LegacyHistoryPride is a brand that is more than its' clothing. It is a brand with a purpose behind every stitch we put into the garments sold. The purpose of using our platform is to showcase and support HBCUs through the lens of fashion. Given the platform that they have, the more celebrities that wear HBCU products, the more light and recognition HBCUs will receive. 

Thank you, Chris Paul for not only supporting our brand, but most importantly for pushing the envelope. THIS IS BIGGER THAN FASHION!


  • Always HBCU. Family three generations deep, and continuing!

    Eleton Johns on
  • Though I love that these individuals are promoting and rallying for HBCU’s; I ask this question – When you had the opportunity to chose, why not an HBCU?

    Manus on
  • Love it keep it up

    Betty on
  • Love this! Congratulations!

    Maia on

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