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Partnership with NFL Super Bowl Champ, Antoine Bethea

Antoine Bethea. Howard University. Alum. Super Bowl Champion. Athlete. Author. Entrepreneur. What doesn't he do? I'm not too sure. 

This past month I have been able to catch up with Antoine Bethea and talk about the excitement towards the deluxe version of his book "Bet on Yourself".

In his book, Antoine tackles the lessons he has learned from his various experiences throughout his life. As a kid from Virginia, to being a walk on on the Howard University Football team. Bethea bet on himself and became an  NFL draft pick for the Indianapolis Colts then went on to become a 14-year NFL veteran, 3x Pro Bowler and Super Bowl Champion. 

Antoine's story is a true testament for what it means to have faith, perseverance, and determination in every detail of your life. After reading his book and speaking with him, I realized that the odds are only stacked against you IF you allow them to be. The sky is the limit no matter how fast you run, how smart you are, where you were born, or how much money you have. The only person in the way of you getting what you want, is the person you see when you look directly in front of a mirror. 

I am pleased to announce our partnership with Antoine in celebration of his book release. 

To buy your copy today, use the LHP Exclusive code for 10% off the Deluxe Edition of "Bet on Yourself" on



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