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Why HBCU Apparel Matters

Why HBCU Apparel Matters

Beyoncé’s landmark Coachella 2018 performance made HBCUs the focal point of the festival, some even calling it “Beychella.” Queen B came out on weekend one of Coachella sporting a custom collegiate lettered crop hoodie reading ‘ΒΔΚ’. The look, sound, and feel of attending an HBCU came correct—Bey highlighted a lifestyle we already know and love here at LegacyHistoryPride. In this article, we’ll discuss exactly why HBCU collegiate apparel doesn’t just look good, but it matters in our community and history.

The first layer of this is the most obvious—pride! We love picking up new apparel just to say we’re rocking with the Bison, the Eagles, the Tigers, the Rams, and our other brother and sister HBCUs. We love repping where we come from and participating in friendly rivalries. We even love name dropping famous grads, like NCCU alum Andre Leon Tolley, Howard alum Toni Morrison, or Texas Southern alum Michael Strahan. Plus, we can’t help it—we love looking good! With a FAMU crop hoodie or pair of Alabama State Hornets basketball shorts, we know you’ll be feeling yourself in anything with your school’s name proudly showcased. However, HBCU apparel’s meaning is much deeper than just creating a look.

When you’re representing your school with what you wear, you’re signaling to the outside world ‘this is who I believe in’. When others are doing the same, you’re sharing a communal bond even to people you don’t personally know. For all academic institutions, community is important; but for HBCUs, community is everything. In a country that is divided, it offers a sense of peace knowing you’ve got a community to support you. The bonds you create over those four short years will remain strong as an alumnus, and every year for Homecoming you’ll be in attendance with hundreds of people in that same community you had while in school. It’s crazy to think a T-shirt could hold so much meaning, but it does!

At the root of it all, being able to rep an HBCU points directly to black historical achievement. With over 100 HBCUs across the nation, Cheyney University of Pennsylvania being the first to open in 1837 (although many argue it was Lincoln University), it’s a very special blessing to be a member of a school built from the successes of African Americans. Thinking of those who came before us to fight for our rights and keep the doors of HBCUs open among countless other things, we bring our discussion back to pride in a totally different way. We’re proud of who we are and what we’re going to be. When you pull on your Aggies crewneck or Spartans t-shirt, you’re repping a community that upholds, supports, and fights for black excellence.

Let us help you get your school spirit on with looks all your friends will want. With dozens of HBCU apparel options, LegacyHistoryPride will provide you with the best, high-quality gear for your school.