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Real Recognizes Real: A Moment with Alex Williams

Interview by Mr. Legacy

I never thought that my peer would turn into my personal Coach! I have been working with Alex the last 2 months on making lifestyle changes. He is a Health and Wellness coach, but to me, he is more than just that. He is an active leader in the community who is dedicated to changing lives through his craft. From Richmond, Virginia, meet my friend and Coach, Alex Williams. 

Mr. Legacy: Working out is more than just lifting weights. It is a true lifestyle you have to live in and outside of the gym. Where did your passion for health and wellness come from? 

 Alex: I’ve been weightlifting since about 13 years old, but my passion for health and wellness came after my football career ended my senior year of high school. Most of my high school years were spent overweight and chubby, so I took my weightlifting background from football and started investing time into researching how to change my body composition and improve my health. Between high school graduation and move in day at Howard I lost 33 pounds and gained a confidence in my body and self that I had never felt before.

Mr. Legacy: I found out about your business and workout plans through social media and mutual friends. How long have you been in business and what made you decide to turn your passion into “work”?

 Alex: I originally opened up personal training services in early 2019, but due to not having a gym to train at in DC and pursuing other interests, I put that on pause for about a year. After the first half of 2020, where I barely worked out and didn’t really have anything going on at the time, my brother Jay opened up his gym for me to workout in to get back in the swing of things. After a month he offered me a job around June, and I fully locked back into my personal gym goals as well as rebooting my personal training services both in person and online. A lot has happened this year, but getting that opportunity was almost like a second chance at life. It has reminded me how much I love using the knowledge I’ve amassed over the past 3 years to not only physically improve client’s lives, but also mentally and psychologically guide them on a better path. As of September 2020 I’ve had my website up and running, as well as reforming my LLC.

Mr. Legacy: How has your experience at Howard helped with the development of your business and also your own personal development?

 Alex: Networking was undoubtedly the most crucial aspect of my time at Howard. Between all the Bison I met in person and on social media, hundreds of people have been backing and supporting me from reposting and sharing my services to becoming clients. I do have to give an enormous shoutout to Maia Regman because without her help my business wouldn’t be where it is right now and I probably would’ve gone insane pushing myself nonstop trying to figure out many of the marketing and business structure strategies she has blessed me with. I’m extremely proud to say that I’m #MogulMade.  

Mr. Legacy: During the times we are in, it can be difficult for people to have access to a gym to continue living healthy lifestyles. What are ways you have been able to continue to help people achieve their fitness goals for those of your clients who you cannot meet with in person? 

 Alex: Many people think that I primarily or solely cater to clients who ONLY have gym access whether in person with me or online. However, the majority of my clients are both online and do at home workouts. From everything I’ve learned about resistance training, exercise science and biomechanics I’ve been able to create at home workout plans that at the minimum require resistance bands which are extremely affordable. 

Those that sign-up for my monthly coaching service also get access to my exclusive exercises tutorial video catalog, that way there’s no confusion on what the exercises are and how to do them. In addition, monthly clients receive a meal plan tailored towards their specific goals. All of these plans can be adjusted upon assessment of bi-weekly physique photo updates which allow me to assess progress and show clients that they’ve been working, because day to day it's easy to miss progress day to day looking at oneself in the mirror.

Mr. Legacy: How can people get in contact with you to find out more about your story and services?

 Alex: Anyone interested in purchasing any of my plans, services, or merchandise can visit my website

I can be contacted on my business email at

My DMs are also open for questions anyone may have before signing up.

Instagram: awill.official | Twitter: @almightyawill


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