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Igniting Change with my Bison Family


Register to vote. Like.. Right now. 

If there is one thing that we can take away from several events, especially within the last year, is that we NEED change. BUT, the only way we can ignite change is by being active this voting season. EVERY. SINGLE. VOTE. MATTERS. 

I am proud to announce a collaboration with Gratitude Chicago, a Chicago-based  clothing brand that explores the meaning and value of Gratitude through fashion. Our collaboration involves new merch that will be exclusively sold on their website, and a portion of the proceeds will be going to CommunityX. 

CommunityX is a coalition-building platform that connects like-minded activists from local and global communities around the issues they care about most.CommunityX is also currently working with the NBA’s player association to help raise awareness of voting and voter registration. 

Be on the lookout on our social media pages on how you can be involved in making sure THE LEGACY CONTINUES. 

Special thanks to my Howard classmate, friend, and co-founder of Gratitude Chicago for allowing LHP to be a part of this. Also, special thanks to CommunityX’s Chloe Cheyenne Sledd, founder and Howard University Grad, for allowing Malcolm and I to contribute to one of several initiatives CommunityX is involved in. 

Yours Truly, 

Mr. Legacy 


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