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Several People have asked us how to stay in tune with our releases. 

FAQ: When do we release products? 

All of our releases take place at 6pm EST. We only release new products/restocks  Wednesday thru Saturday. 

FAQ: How do I know WHICH products are releasing?

We will always announce on our social media pages about the exact days we are releasing products. On the day of releases, we will post the product that is being dropped on its initial release day. Sometimes we post a few days beforehand but we will be sure to always make sure the product is posted on our Instagram Story (@ShopLHP) and Twitter page (@ShopLHP) allowing our customers to be tuned of what is the latest from LegacyHistoryPride. 

FAQ: Can I receive notifications of new releases?

If you want notifications of our product release, be sure to turn on the post notifications in the settings of your Instagram- @shopLHP and Twitter- @ShopLHP accounts. We will also continue to use our email newsletter to inform you on new updates, releases, and company news. 

Thank you so much for the support. We aim to be as transparent as possible about releases and to ensure you can get apparel from your favorite HBCU. Our merchandise has been selling out minutes after release and we couldn’t thank you enough for shopping with LegacyHistoryPride. We are working hard to restock as fast as we can while having enough merchandise on hand so that you can represent and be fly in the latest HBCU apparel

From the #1 HBCU Fashion and Lifestyle Brand in the world, THANK YOU for allowing the Legacy to continue. 

Peace and Blessings, 

Mr. Legacy 


  • Looking for some Shaw University clothing

    Shakai T.Webb on
  • FAMU gear has historically sold quickly. Please remember to increase your inventory of FAMU items when introducing your products.

    Derrick Macon on
  • I am looking for the Spelman sweat on you IG.

    Sunny Royal-Boyd on
  • Waiting on ALABAMA STATE UNIVERSITY JACKET!! letterman jacket!! Tuskegee University got one so I need a Alabama State One🐝🐝🐝🐝 go Hornets

    Edward Nelson on

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