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People Name Their Kids...I Name My Clothes

At LegacyHistoryPride, we take pride in serving our community through fashion. We find it important to serve and highlight the people, phrases, places, and memorable experiences that have shaped Black culture and our HBCU communities. A brand tradition that we have is the naming of our product. When it comes to developing our product, we name our products after what we believe is synonymous most to the meaning of the gear. 

Our “Althea” FAMU sweater is named after the elegant, clean, and timeless style of famous FAMU tennis star, Althea Gibson.

Our “Ri-Ri” dress exhibits the bold, vibrant, and courageous energy of Rihanna.

Our most popular Fall item, “PrimeTime”, is named after one of the unapologetic, fashionable, and charismatic personalities of Deion “PrimeTime” Sanders.

A few months ago, we named this item the “PrimeTime” as we felt this particular item was symbolic to who and how Deion Sanders carried himself on and off the field. A few months later, we learned that Primetime took the position as Head Coach for Jackson State University Football team. Well, I guess timing is everything!  Congrats to Jackson State University and Congrats to Coach Sanders!

The LHP magic is rubbing off on the culture and we love to see it. 

We are looking forward to releasing the Primetime style in a variety of schools this fall and winter. Don’t miss out! 

Peace and Blessings, 

Mr. Legacy 


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