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NCAT's Arial Robison Reminds Us That Black Women... DO. IT. ALL.

Interview by Mr. Legacy

I've known Arial for about a year.  We connected after a photoshoot she did at North Carolina A&T State University and posted several shots on social media. From that moment, I knew she was going to be a star. Her visions are very organic, authentic, creative, but most importantly, they are purposeful. Her content is rich, elegant, and powerful is it speaks to who she is and what she takes pride in.  

Arial Robinson is a Multimedia Journalism student at the one and only North Carolina A&T State University. She is a mixed media artist and author of The Modern Day Black Alphabet!

Now... Here is her LEGACY. 

Mr. Legacy: Throughout the summer, you have been able to accomplish so many things. You collaborated with a few major names, published your own book, created new music, amongst so many other accomplishments. What was the most exciting project that you were able to accomplish since the start of the summer?

Arial: The most exciting project that I worked on this summer was definitely working on the Fall/August Campaign with Converse. This was my first time working with a major brand. They were very kind and they gave me complete creative freedom. They wanted to really highlight me as a creator in my space at home. I really appreciated that because it always feels good to be recognized.

Mr. Legacy: Now that we are back in school, how has the adjustment been for you as far as finding ways to balance school alongside managing your creative work outside of class?

Arial: Since being back in school, I'm going to be completely honest, it has not been easy. There has been a lot of delays, frustration and missed deadlines, but that's okay. We’re in a very weird time and no one really knows what to do. Everyday I have to start fresh and really motivate myself to get up and be productive. I have made a lot of progress by just experimenting with different routines and being okay if everything doesn’t work out.

Mr. Legacy: How has being a student at an HBCU such as North Carolina A&T contributed to your growth as a young Black Woman and as a creative individual? 

Arial: My HBCU has contributed a lot to my growth and development as a young woman and creative. My HBCU has provided me with a community of other black creatives that have nurtured me and given me a space to experiment with myself and my art. The HBCU culture is like none other. The people here are so diverse and it has pushed me to be open minded and learn more about the creators that came before me.

Mr. Legacy: Continuing to find ways to create and innovate your brand is very challenging, let alone in the middle of a pandemic. How has the pandemic challenged you in the realms of creativity? How have you overcome these challenges? Where do you get your inspiration from?

Arial: The pandemic has really pushed me to dig deep and use the resources that I have. When you don’t have a ton of money, and you can’t leave your home, you are forced to make something out of nothing. Of course there are challenges. Sometimes I feel discouraged because I don’t have the fanciest equipment or I feel like I'm not “being too deep enough”. But honestly all of that kind of stuff is mental stuff that I had to overcome with affirmations and surrounding myself with others making it happen by all means necessary. I’m really inspired by Tyler the Creator, JoeFreshGoods, Demetrius Harmon, Tyler Mitchell & Renell Medrano. I’m also inspired by the simple things in life. The things we do but don’t think about like going to the grocery store, church, school, home life etc.

Mr. Legacy: We say the word creativity a lot nowadays. For you, what does being a “creative” mean to you and why do you find it important?

Arial: Being creative to me is innovating something that makes you happy. Being creative doesn't always have to start from scratch and it doesn't always have to be necessarily artistic. Being a creative is about thinking outside of the box and providing the world with something new that is also true to yourself. It's important that we all tap into our creative sides because that innovation is what keeps the world going.

Mr. Legacy: What does Legacy mean to you and what are you hoping your Legacy will be as you continue navigating in a variety of creative spaces?

Arial: Legacy to me is about existence. It's about walking in your purpose and leaving a trace so that your story will always be told and remembered. We all were put on this earth for a reason and I think each and every reason is important for not only now but for the future. I hope that the legacy that I leave behind is black as h*ll. I want my legacy to carry conversations that involve the stories and experiences of Black women. A lot of times we are left out and I hope that what I do helps for that not to continue to happen.


  • Aggie Pride!!!! There is nothing like the totally embracing nurturing and encouragement that you get from A&T. Generations upon generations of Aggies can testify to that fact. Use it to continue to drive towards and achieve your goals. I know you will do it. We believe in you. So proud of you!

    Kathy Suber on
  • Keep pushing toward your future beautiful. I’m so proud of you and will always support you. Much love ❤️ 🥰

    Lydia Wright on

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