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Call to Action: ROOT FOR HBCUs

My hometown is Atlanta, Georgia and if you knew anything about Georgians – they love their football and no disrespect to any other teams or schools, Georgians emphatically love UGA Football.  It doesn’t matter if you graduated, attended or never even visited Athens.  There is no school enthusiasm, no fan base like the fanatical fans of the Bulldog Nation.

I say all of that to say – whether you attended or not – in our own rite the fans of HBCUs are as equally if not more fanatic about ALL of our schools than any one team can be.  When ONE wins…WE ALL WIN!!

In 2018, when Beyonce’s historic “Homecoming” performance at Coachella was a tribute to all Historically Black Colleges and Universities, we all took a bow and gleamed with pride.

In 2019, when Robert Smith pledged over $34 million to pay off the student loan debt to the men of Morehouse, we all cheered and became hopeful.

During a historical time in our country with the Black Lives Matter movement and during the NBA playoffs, Chris Paul made a bold statement and brought awareness to our HBCUs. And night after night we all held on to the excitement of his “pre-game” entrance.

It was a win, when the five star college recruit Muker Maker committed to Howard University.

It was a win when we learned that Deion "PrimeTime" Sanders became the Head football coach at Jackson State.

It was a proud moment to see Chad "OchoCinco " Johndson wear a LegacyHistoryPride FAMU jacket and “Primetime” Crew. But it was an even prouder moment to see him represent and show the love for an HBCU on his social media platform.

And if it can be written in the history books as I write this blog – it would be the epitome of triumph if the first BLACK woman to be elected to the office of U.S. Vice President also happens to be a Howard University alum.

Let's not forget!! It will have been the work of a Spelman woman, Stacey Abrams, who has been instrumental in turning Georgia turn BLUE!!

The list can go on and it should go on.

When it comes to HBCUs we are separated by a mere six degrees.  It could be in your hometown, your homecoming experience, your Mama, Daddy, Uncle or Auntie’s school.  It should never matter, to see an HBCU thrive and grow is to see the culture thrive and grow.

These institutions were founded to advance the people of the Black culture.

So together let us continue to be the CHAMPIONS and FANATICAL FANS that Historically Black Colleges and Universities need us ALL to be.

Mr. Legacy

Howard University, Class of 2021


  • Greetings I am Dominique Perkins, a graduate of The Florida A&M University! I appreciate the support from fellow HBCU families/communities. Special thanks for creating quality apparel for us to represent and market for HBCUs.

    Dominique Perkins on
  • i am a proud graduate of Hampton university and i would not have it any other way than to be a supporter of all HBCU’S. in this day and time if we the African Americans alumni/friends don’t give support (financial) to our colleges /university they will be closing the doors.

    Joseph m Lewis on
  • I am an HBCU advocate! As a FAMU alum, I support all HBCUs. My siblings and I attended all HBCUs. We represent the gamut (FAMU, ASU, SSU, SCSU, FVSU, and TSU). When one wins, we all win! Thank you Ms Abrams for your hard work! Now let’s welcome my soror, Kamala Harris, to the VP role to help lead what once was considered to be the best country in which to live.

    La'Kesha Johnson on
  • I am a 1962 graduate from Winston-Salem State University. I was recruited and played for the legendary Big House Gaines. I am currently a full professor at an HBCU. Kudos for all students attending or thinking about attending an HBCU. You cannot go wrong. You establish life long friendships. attending and coming back for Homecoming tells you why you selected one of ours.

    James C. Young on

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