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College Decision Day is In Session

By: Asia N. Alexander


Image credit: Tim O'Brian Leach

College Decision Day 2022 was spectacular as we saw so many Black students from all backgrounds commit to Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCUs). The history and legacy that HBCUs possess are shown highly through the creative, successful students and alumni that they produce. One of those alumni is our founder of Legacy History Pride (LHP), Tahir Murray, Mr. Legacy.

During his time as a student attending Howard University, he created LHP to represent the excellence that HBCUs showcase. His idea of legacy is defined as not what you leave for people but what you leave in people. To Tahir, It is not about the benefits but the impact.

Legacy History Pride's impact on the HBCU world was shown this past College Decision Day in the countless photos posted by incoming freshmen proudly wearing their LHP collegiate apparel. We asked two high school seniors who wore HBCU apparel from LHP some questions about how they chose their future university and why it’s important for Black students to choose HBCUs.

Darrion Thomas is a future Howard Bison who debuted his college decision in the LHP Howard University “Motto 2.0” Varsity Jacket. He said he chose to attend an HBCU because of the legacy that they possess.

Darion Thomas

Image credit: Kevin Ware Jr.

“I chose to attend an HBCU because I believe pouring back into our own is crucial, whether supporting a Black business, attending an HBCU, or as simple as uplifting one another. When Black students attend HBCUs, [it sends] a message that we contain every element needed for potential success without feeling as if we need to look elsewhere for it. It destroys stigmas and further sheds light on how excellent we are within our community”, stated Thomas.

Zoe Shealey is a future Tiger at Tennessee State University. Zoe wore the LHP Tennessee State “Outkast 2.0” Fleece Shorts to debut her college decision. In a conversation with Zoe, we asked her why she chose TSU as her school for the next four years.


Photo credit: Jordyn Simmons

“I was always exposed to HBCUs by my mother. Many of the people of influence in my life are successful HBCU graduates. I chose TSU because I had the opportunity to participate in a summer program with them and because they have a great relationship with Meharry; my goal is to pursue a career in medicine”, stated Shealey.

Doctors, entrepreneurs, attorneys, journalists, and so many more of the next generation of Black scholars and professionals are produced by our finest Historically Black Colleges and Universities. Here at LHP, not only do we want to create clothing that celebrates that history, we also want to encourage the next generation to continue the legacy in their own way.


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