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Meet HBCU student and CEO of LegacyHistoryPride

Notes from Mr. Legacy:

For those who are not familiar with who I am, my name is Tahir Murray. I am a 20 year old junior at the one and only Howard University. Yes, THE REAL HU (No debates, sorry). I am also the proud Founder & CEO of LegacyHistoryPride. The luxury lifestyle brand that embodies the richness and uniqueness of HBCUs and Black Culture. I built this brand with the tremendous support and help from close friends and family with the idea of creating with a purpose. The purpose of shining a light on HBCU communities and acknowledging the beauty of black history and culture through the lens of fashion. Why luxury? (I can go on about this for hours and you will likely read my views on luxury in a separate article) In a BRIEF explanation, luxury is not defined by a price tag. Luxury is a mindset. It is a standard of excellence. When describing a culture, luxury is in the detail. This luxurious detail is found in the years of LEGACY, HISTORY, and PRIDE that is rooted in black culture. 

LegacyHistoryPride (LHP for short)  is not the brand that just slaps school logos on a cheap tee shirt that fades after the first wash, which then ends up in your “workout” and “clean the house” drawer of clothes. LHP is the brand dedicated to creating intricate, timeless, and thoughtful pieces that reflect the standard of excellence our culture stands proudly on. Making clothes is one thing, but giving back is also another important aspect of the brand; as a portion of the proceeds go back into the universities through various scholarships and funds. We have a strategic partnership with The HBCU Alumni Alliance, L.O.A.T (Ladies of A&T), and various organizations that ensure we are investing back into the communities that invest into us. 


This is my introductory note, so I did want to be brief. However, I will continue to write to invite people into my vision of the endless possibilities this brand can create with the help and support of YOU. History has shown that when times get hard, "we are all we got." If we know that no one else will acknowledge and celebrate us, BEST BELIEVE we will... to the HIGHEST degree! And now, we don’t have to wait until homecoming to do so. Let’s continue to set the bar and do so unapologetically

As this is my first note to the public, I want to take the time to send a special thank you to my village of family and friends. To the amazing friends I have met throughout my life, the beautiful souls I’ve met at HU, my LHP team, my family, and most importantly God for gifting me with all of the above. Without my village I don’t where the hell I would be and I will forever walk with my head high knowing that you all are behind my every step. 

God Bless.


  • When you get a free moment, please contact me. Talk with you soon.

    Steven Bullock on
  • I am not at all surprised at your new venture. Given you past history, I know it will be a success!! You never fail to impress me with your talents and gifts. I just glory in your spunk and love your focus.

    Sharyn Marshall Hailey on
  • Definitely a Breath of Fresh Wear!!!

    LHPumkin on
  • Greetings!
    As the proud parent of 2 HU GRADS, I feel your passion.
    My husband and I are Proud A&T alumni. HBCU Love!!!
    Keep up the good work and God bless💙💛

    Andrea on
  • Keep on doing great things my young brother. I didn’t know you were a student. The jacket I ordered was top-notch, the service received was terrific, etc. My order arrived timely and customer service inquiry answered quickly. I look forward to making additional purchases. I’m proud of you both as a real HU alumni and as black professional.

    Oro on

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