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The Premiere Magazine partnership with LegacyHistoryPride

LegacyHistoryPride is not a fashion company. We are a lifestyle brand. As a lifestyle brand, we want to incorporate our idea and meaning behind HBCU/Black luxury into everyday elements that are rooted deeper than fashion. In order to execute our vision of continuing the rich legacy of the lifestyles grounded in these cultures, we would like to officially announce our partnership with The Premiere Magazine as official editors of our newsletter. 

At LHP, we want to be the face of HBCU fashion and lifestyle as our brand's goal is to embody the multiple rich and unique aspects that are rooted in HBCU communities and black culture. We have partnered with The Premiere Magazine as we believe they have always incorporated this vision with their platform well before the two brands even connected. The HBCU experience encompasses several perspectives simply due to two simple facts …

  1. We are all different and unique
  2. HBCUs are home to some of the most diverse student bodies. 

In order to accurately continue to share the legacy of HBCUs, this story cannot be told alone. It must be a collaborative effort in order to properly illustrate what the HBCU experience REALLY is. 

I will continue to share my weekly “Notes from Mr. Legacy” for readers to follow my perspective,  but I love this collaboration so much as it is a gentle reminder that this brand is deeper than me. Deeper than fashion. “Lift as you climb” as Momma Legacy always says. 

Who ever wants to eat alone?

- LHP Staff


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